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Yira Hoffmann


Yira Hoffmann is co-owner and main contact for The Hoffmanns. After immigrating from Nicaragua for college, she had one beautiful child and two less beautiful children (The beautiful one is writing this bio. ;P) and helped found the most versatile venue in Yuma.

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Greg Hoffmann

Greg Hoffmann is a former U.S. Marine and previous owner of Hoffmann Concrete Construction Co. He retired from his old business and founded The Hoffmann's in 2014 when he decided that Yuma did not have enough variety in venues for private parties.

The Hoffmann's is a family owned business founded in Yuma, Arizona in 2014. It is co-owned and operated by Greg and Yira Hoffmann. The Hoffmann's was created specifically to cater to weddings, corporate picnics and dinners, birthday parties, and Quincaneras. Located on eight acres of land in the South Yuma counties, The Hoffmann's event center is a perfect outdoor venue away from the noises and traffic of the Yuma city. The Hoffmann's boasts a large outdoor tent  and a small pond suitable for swimming or photo shoots of wedding-goers or business associates. 

Still have questions? Message us to schedule a visit or find us on Facebook!

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Address: 14390 S. Ave 2 3/4 E. Yuma AZ 85365

Phone: (928) 210-6145 for Yira


To schedule a visit call Greg or Yira Hoffmann for a guided tour of our facilities so we can plan for your specific party or event needs.

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