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The Hoffmann's present a stunning array of beautiful wedding photo opportunities and a fun social environment enjoyable for those of all ages. Our facilities are complete with powder rooms and a private preparation room specifically for the bride and bridesmaids.

The Hoffmann's is situated on eight acres of flat grassy land, making it suitable for multiple bounce houses, water slides, and buffets.  Our man-made pond is suitable for swimming, and can be protected by a certified lifeguard if you so wish. The Hoffmann's is stocked with two functioning refrigerators where party goers can keep cold-serve foods for their celebration.

The Hoffmann's is a perfect place to throw loud celebrations without risk of complaints from neighboring businesses or homes. The Hoffmann's is able to decorate in a wide variety of themes and personalizations suitable for your specific wants and needs. The Hoffmann's is large enough to host several DJs or bands while still affording a quiet space where family members can sit and speak comfortably.

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